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In 2016, the Atlanta Chamber Players are celebrating our 40th season!
The ACP has spent four decades presenting formal concert series, enrichment programs for children, and outreach events for the elderly, institutionalized, and underprivileged. As we begin a new era, the Next 40 Campaign is a drive to help ensure the future of ACP as we progress through the 21st century.

Support our efforts to present outstanding chamber music events in traditional and innovative concert venues throughout the metro Atlanta area. Your gift of any size is greatly appreciated!

Next 40 Campaign Honor Roll

(as of 06/15/16)
Jon & Gay Abbott
Phyllis Abramson
Lisa Andrews
Ron & Susan Antinori
Majid Araim
Rita Bloom
Jane Blount
Moses & Teri Bond
Mary & Frank Brannon
Margo Brinton and Eldon Park
David & Heather Bumsted
Charlie & Dorothy Chitwood
Rachel A. Ciprotti
Susan Cofer
Mark & Tova Cohen
William Curns
Greg & Margo Dexter
Rosi Fiedotin
Sally George
Paige Girardot
Malcolm Hartman
Nettie & Clark Howell
Robert & Lynn Irvin
Patricia & Robert Johnston
Gloria Jones
Mark & Becky Kelley
Patricia Louko
John Matthews
Belinda & Gino Massafra
Catherine Massey
Angela & Ian McCarthy
Jim Mobley
Betsy & Sandy Morehouse
Sue Morgan
Janice & Tom Munsterman
Fran Newell
John Nolde
Clara & John O'Shea
Sam & Barbara Pettway
Roy & Olga Plaut
Ed Potter
Elizabeth Pridgen
Dan & Garnet Reardon
Regine Reynolds-Cornell
Arthur & Jay Richardson
Thomas & Ann Rotroff
Pierrette Scanavino
Kevin Seglum
Nick & Ann-Marie Shreiber
Virginia & David Sjoquist
Paul Stallings
Gail & Loren Starr
Steve & Lynne Steindel
Agnes Adams Stokes & Martha Carmichael Christian
Andrew Sullivan
Peter Temko
Jim Throckmorton & Cecily Lyons
Don & Sandy Tieken
William Tucker
Betsy Wash
Marcia Watt
Marva Webster
Rod Westmoreland
Rae & George Weimer
John & Linda Williams
Mark & Ruthelen Williamson
Elliot & Susan Winton
Trey & Kelly Wood
Anne & Chad Zimmerman

Individual Giving

The wonderful array of musical activity that the Atlanta Chamber Players offer would not be possible without contributions from our dedicated individual donors. Your gifts not only help the ACP present the finest musicians and the best of the chamber music repertoire in Atlanta, but also help us reach beyond the concert hall to introduce chamber music to young people each year and bring this great body of music to new listeners around the country through regular radio broadcasts. Income from ticket sales provides only a fraction of the dollars needed to produce a concert season, so we are grateful to our individual contributors who share our enthusiasm and partner with us in supporting the artistic mission of the Atlanta Chamber Players.

The Atlanta Chamber Players is a tax-exempt organization under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your gift is fully deductible as a charitable contribution. Also, your company may have a Matching Gifts program — please check with your benefits administrator.

Stock gifts to the Atlanta Chamber Players benefit both the ACP and you! Please contact Rachel Ciprotti at for information on how to donate stock to the ACP.